Drone Inspections – Advanced Water Storage Inspections

ROV Drone Inspections – Advanced Water Storage Inspections

Sustaining exceptional water quality as well as keeping levels in abundance, both remain imperative realisations among all commercial and residential sites Australia-wide. From maintaining water potability to storing adequate fire suppression systems, frequent water storage system inspections are crucial to the health and safety of us all.

Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs), overshadowed dangerous or ‘risky’ workplace procedures some time ago. However, with drone assistance overhauling how we inspect tanks even further, comes a safer, convenience-driven revamp of how and what we find underwater.

Between lighting upgrades, beneficial positioning, and major improvements to underwater infrastructure accessibility, ROV or remote solutions have proven to be a significant step in the right direction for our industry.

Why Drones and ROV Technology are the Future

Traditional inspection methods involved professional divers or dive teams physically investigating tank issues manually. Tank Inspections Sydney by Raven Engineering Group will continue to back those in our industry constantly inventing, trialing, and testing innovative ways to make our professional lives safer and more productive.

Conventional examination measures are always being challenged, combining science and industry knowledge to design and create new and improved tank inspection equipment.

The safety of our experts and the levels of efficiency in which we operate are our two primary priorities. This ensures Tank Inspections Sydney by Raven Engineering Group continue to conduct tank storage system inspections at optimal proficiency while keeping personnel unsubmerged where possible.

Benefits of Drone/ROV Tank Inspections

Tank Inspections Sydney by Raven Engineering Group will inspect your water storage units utilising the very best and latest in drone technology. ROVs are the most comprehensive, precise, and secure way to grasp a complete idea of what’s going on inside a potable or fire water tank structure. Our drone operators are sufficiently trained in flying, recording technical specifications or findings, and deducing issues and problematic circumstances for suitable repairs.

Here’s why Tank Inspections Sydney by Raven Engineering Group opts for Remotely Operated Vehicles assessments wherever possible:

ROV Tank Inspections – Our 4-Step Process

1. Preparation

2. Deployment

3. Examination

4. Analyse, Review & Report

Our Environmental Commitment

Tank Inspections Sydney by Raven Engineering Group support the environmental and sustainability efforts that Australian communities continue to pride themselves on each year. Health, safety, and nationwide conservation have remained at the forefront of our operations since the beginning, endeavoring to contribute to our zero destruction policy for all our services.

Tank Inspections Sydney by Raven Engineering Group are committed to providing non-harmful, eco-friendly services by ensuring:

FAQs About ROV Drone Inspections

While it seems a more technical and expensive process, ROV drone inspections are actually significantly more convenient, cost-effective, and accurate in delivering the results we’re after as a leading commercial tank inspection company.

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