Fire Tank Standard Inspections

Fire Tank Standard Inspections – AS1851-2012 Compliance

Australian fire systems compliance standards continue to be some of the most stringently regulated in the world.

Multiple compliance measures along with rigorous testing and inspectional activities ensure both residential and commercial fire water containment systems remain in safe, working order.

Australia’s ultra-strict, carefully constructed industry compliance laws prove incredibly successful in terms of both reducing and preventing uncontrollable fire hazards.

As a building owner, it’s your legal responsibility to ensure all fire water tanks and suppression systems are always up to code, meeting or exceeding Australian Fire Tank Inspection Standard AS1851-2012.

Tank Inspections Sydney by Raven Engineering Group is operated by Raven Tanks Australia, your local commercial water storage tank specialists!

As leaders in fire tank inspections Australia-wide, we’ll conduct your routine fire tank standards inspections in accordance with AS1851-2012 keeping your systems online and up to date with all regulation changes.

You’ll find everything you’re looking for on this page regarding compulsory fire tank inspections, what’s involved, how often to book them, and your general obligations as a building owner (or manager in some cases).

Failure to Meet AS1851-2012 Compliance Standards

Regular, or what is deemed as a ‘routine’ inspection, ensures your fire water systems are kept soundly compliant with a professionally devised industry code.

Industry regulations and safety and maintenance standards are constantly changing, oftentimes with limited or unforeseen notice. These spontaneous amends in industry codes potentially place Australian building owners at risk of unknowingly failing to comply with new and improved state-specific or nationwide rules.

It’s important to understand that meeting the minimum Australian Industry Safety and Compliance Standards is completely non-negotiable, with hefty fines and other legal consequences enforceable by law for negligence.

Neglecting your fire tanks and suppression systems by prolonging or avoiding routine safety and maintenance inspections likely means:

Our AS1851-2012 Fire Tank Inspection Services – What’s Included

Tank Inspections Sydney by Raven Engineering Group provides expert commercial and residential fire tank inspection and maintenance compliance services. Our team of fire tank professionals is backed by decades of experience in discovering water tank deficiencies before they become major repair or replacement issues.

In order to remain compliant with AS1851-2012, Tank Inspections Sydney by Raven Engineering Group will provide the following:

Additional Fire System Services by Tank Inspections Sydney by Raven Engineering Group

Why We Need Such Stringent Compliance Measures

Left untreated, fire water tank vulnerabilities pose a tremendous threat to the immediate communities they’re designed to protect.

Many water storage tanks are considered part of Australia’s commercial Fire Protection Systems, requiring inspectional and maintenance routines similar to fire sprinklers, hydrants, hoses, and more.

While seemingly complex, Australian safety and compliance regulations exist to ensure the highest of standards are upheld industry-wide and apply universally across the country.

Continuously reviewing and updating fire tank standards guarantees governments, industry sectors and individuals are doing everything possible to provide the unmatched safety confidence levels Australia has always been renowned for.

How Often Do My Fire Tanks Have To Be Inspected?

All fire tank systems Australia-wide must be annually inspected by a licensed and accredited industry professional in accordance with Australian compliance code AS1851-2012.

A properly completed compliance logbook should be able to demonstrate when your most recent routine inspection was carried out, along with specific details regarding the licensed fire service provider/tank inspection professional that conducted it.

Tank Inspections Sydney by Raven Engineering Group continue to compete with the top fire tank inspection providers in Australia and are fully trained, licensed, and experienced in conducting thorough logbook compliance inspections.

It’s important to be mindful and proactive when it comes to scheduling an annual AS1851-2012 Fire Tank Standards Inspection, ensuring you book your inspection with us well in advance to avoid non-compliance issues.

Either on the due date or a date closely prior to exactly one year since your last inspection is recommended.

Never attempt to install, repair or replace any component of a fire water storage tank or suppression system yourself.

Possible Repair Scenarios for Fire Tanks

Custom-Built Replacement – Some sites may require completely new fire tanks to suit a particular location or climate, or just to physically improve general spatial efficiency.  We build and modify panel fire tanks and their components to suit your building as well as both indoor and outdoor sites.

Are you due for your routine fire tank inspection? Contact Tank Inspections Sydney by Raven Engineering Group today to discuss our services, accreditations, and any other questions or fire tank standards inquiries!