Tank Refurbishment

Tank Refurbishment

Tank Inspections Sydney by Raven Engineering Group provides a number of tank repair and complete refurbishment services Australia-wide. From fast relining jobs to complex storage tank repair projects, we’re dedicated to responding to both new and existing clients’ refurbishment requirements as quickly as possible, ensuring tanks are back online within days.

Our engineers have been visiting urban, rural and coastal sites for decades, inspecting and reporting on your water or chemical tank’s condition using sophisticated ROV technology. We’ll then recommend and schedule any required maintenance works and in some cases, discuss full tank replacement options if necessary.

Leaking Tanks

Water tanks leak primarily due to a damaged or failing liner.

As liners age, tears or cracks allow water to contact the bare steel surface. This creates rust, over time, leading to small, unnoticeable leaking spots in the tank’s surface and seams.

We only use Australian-manufactured tank liners to re-waterproof your tanks, guaranteeing remarkable long-lasting corrosion, leak and crack protection when combined with correct maintenance procedures.

Tanks We Refurbish

The dependability of your tank assets and their infrastructure is of the utmost importance, especially where tank systems are purposely designed for protection against disasters and emergencies such as bushfires or chemical fires.

Tank Inspections Sydney’s by Raven Engineering Group commercial tank engineers can reconstruct:

Our Services

Receive Expert-Led Condition Assessments

We’re based nationwide, with technicians available to conduct onsite inspections in your area 7 days a week. Contacting us and booking an inspection is super convenient meaning faster site access, less downtime and more efficient refurb projects.

Rapid, Direct Delivery

Need a completely new water storage system? We pride ourselves on our prompt and reliable delivery, assembly and installation lead times and ongoing preventative maintenance support throughout the tank’s service lifespan.

Quality Guarantee

Backed by competitive warranty cover and refurbished by highly experienced tank engineers, enjoy complete peace of mind that you’re acquiring state-of-the-art water storage systems.

100% Digital Records

All of our client and refurbishment project records have moved to digital for hassle-free documentation, analysis and reporting.

Rebuilds Minus the Shutdowns

Tank Inspections Sydney by Raven Engineering Group ensures we conduct full water storage tank refurbishments with minimal operational disruptions taken into consideration. We restore everything from minor seal leaks and accessway adjustments to pipework and complete tank rebuilds.

A-Grade Water and Liquid Storage Protection

Access to clean potable water and firefighting reserves is vital in commercial and industrial environments. A professional refurbishment project may mean the difference between your tanks producing adequate resources at a time of need or discovering they’re completely empty.

At Tank Inspections Sydney by Raven Engineering Group, you can count on our highly skilled and qualified team to reconstruct your water storage system to exceed Australian industry standards while offering decades of service.