Fire Water Tanks

Fire Water Tanks

Tank Inspections Sydney by Raven Engineering Group supply and inspect commercial and industrial fire water tanks Australia-wide. Our expert-led inspection and maintenance services have ensured fire water tanks around the country have remained compliant, online and emergency-ready over their serviceable lifespans.

Purchasing a brand new fire water tank that integrates sufficiently and effortlessly with existing suppression systems is a major consideration. We supply and install the latest range of fire water panel tanks, including stainless steel and hot-dipped galvanised steel tanks.

The Ultimate in Bushfire Protection

Commercial operators in rural areas are particularly susceptible to the threat of bushfires, virtually all year round in Australia. Safeguarding your property, equipment, employees, land and livestock should be your utmost priority, ensuring reliable and adequate fire water reserves are sustained at all times.

Keeping Compliant

While it’s not only a good idea to frequently inspect and monitor commercial fire water systems, it’s also the law.

Tank Inspections Sydney by Raven Engineering Group recommends inspecting fire water tanks at least yearly, while cleaning, replacing liners and conducting other major repair works every ten years or as required.

Maximising Site Protection

Commercial sites requiring fire water tanks are usually already densely designed, however, considering a few additions to their installation alone can maximise a site’s safety for everyone, including:

Why Steel Panel Fire Tanks Outclass Poly Tanks

Fire tanks are purpose-built to withstand flames and temperatures delivered by bushfires or other accelerants. They also need to perform reliably within dangerous commercial environments where explosions can occur, making the materials and design of fire tanks the most critically scrutinised and tested properties of the whole system.

Australian industry is phasing out poly tanks due to galvanised steel tanks: