Tank Repair & Maintenance

Tank Repair & Maintenance

Tank Inspections Sydney by Raven Engineering Group work with potable water and fire tank owners Australia-wide developing individualised maintenance plans for commercial and residential sites. Every facility deserves a full-service tank maintenance repairs team restoring and refitting parts, panels, and other products where an inspection tells us to!

Our team is experienced in everything constructional and inspectional in relation to commercial water storage. Building, refurbishing, maintaining, and repairs are where Tank Inspections Sydney’s by Raven Engineering Group expertise has lied for more than 20 years.

Utilising both ROVs and manually applied repairs and even a combination of the two, Tank Inspections Sydney by Raven Engineering Group provides some of the most dynamic tank maintenance packages in the country.

A high calibre, premium quality tank maintenance output could mean the difference between providing commercial sites with optimum safety or risking human health and facing life-threatening consequences due to negligence.

Our Tank Repair, Maintenance & Modification Services

At Tank Inspections Sydney by Raven Engineering Group, we know panel tanks!

With over 20 years of experience, the Tank Inspections Sydney by Raven Engineering Group water storage tank maintenance team has performed a multitude of tank repair projects of all scales and complexity levels.

We’ll modify, upgrade, replace or repair any internal or external potable water tank or fire suppression system component in strict accordance with AS1851-2012 Industry Standards.

Our premium commercial water tank maintenance services include:

How Tank Maintenance Works?

An efficient, non-disruptive, and delay-free maintenance project is what Tank Inspections Sydney by Raven Engineering Group continues to strive for when carrying out repairs of any scale.

Here’s what our commercial clients can expect prior to commencing operations:

How Often Should I Schedule Commercial Tank Maintenance?

When was the last time your potable water tank or fire water tank was professionally cleaned?

It’s a hazardous, illegal, and potentially deadly move to neglect commercial tank maintenance, so it’s critical to understand your obligations, what’s being performed, and when.

Sediment, surface scum, and microbial growth development don’t take long to build up inside a poorly maintained tank, which can be worsened depending on climate-related or locational factors.

There are two important requirements commercial tank owners should familiarise themselves with regarding tank safety and compliance in Australia; Maintenance and Inspectional frequencies.

Here’s what must be scheduled with a certified tank inspector and maintenance professional:

We’ll opt to utilise either commercial divers, ROVs, or both at our discretion to inspect and repair components where necessary.

Not sure where to start? Contact our maintenance and repairs team today to discuss your specific requirements, schedule an inspection for a current condition report, or for any other general questions regarding ownership obligations.

How ROVs Have Changed Tank Repairs & Maintenance

Innovation, along with the integration of technology and traditional tank maintenance equipment, continues to reroute the Australian tank repair industry for the better.

How we negotiate, plan out and action potable water tank and fire water system maintenance has now completely altered due to the high-tech Remotely Operated Vehicle introductions.

ROV usage for commercial water storage units provides a range of benefits to both our maintenance personnel and you as our customer by:

Remarkable Customer Support

As a highly commended tank maintenance and repairs company across New South Wales, Tank Inspections Sydney by Raven Engineering Group continues to benchmark the standards for quality tank refurbishment works around the country.

Our competitively responsive team welcomes all questions, enquiries, and general queries regarding works we’ve completed or recommendations we’ve submitted to you for proposed maintenance!

Are you looking for an expert commercial water tank repairer? Contact Tank Inspections Sydney by Raven Engineering Group today to discuss our services, accreditations, and any other questions or maintenance enquiries!