Stormwater Detention Tank Inspections

Stormwater Detention Tank Inspections

Thousands of commercial properties across Greater Sydney and New South Wales have complex stormwater detention tanks in operation. Onsite Stormwater Detention Tanks, or OSD tanks, are designed to detain rainwater by using an overflow mechanism to direct excess water to a secondary drainage system.

Utilised by local councils, Onsite Stormwater Detention Tanks store and direct rainwater runoff as both conservation and support efforts to channel water where it’s needed elsewhere or immediately into stormwater drainage. This helps prevent flooding in particular municipals by slowly discharging excess water into the council’s stormwater drains.

At Tank Inspections Sydney by Raven Engineering Group, we’ve carried out OSD tank inspections for a number of applications including commercial and industrial developments and subdivisions, public amenities, and road infrastructural drainage systems. Flexibility and dependability matter and we understand each commercial site has unique requirements, with our team experienced in devising the most suitable and appropriate project plan for you.

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How Often Should OSD Tanks Be Inspected/Maintained?

While general maintenance action mostly occurs in annual and bi-annual increments and after specific storm events, there are other areas of an OSD system requiring both quarterly and five-yearly inspections depending on their specific application. Most of our inspections can be conducted within one business day for reference.

Effective water detention solutions are crucial to the safety of both property and human life, with catastrophic consequences being a real possibility where overflow systems have been mismanaged. Blockages and contamination can also result from neglected OSD tank maintenance so it’s extremely vital to keep those inspections frequent, timely, and critically thorough.

We recommend having blockage removal services conducted just before a low-rain event, as it’s simply easier and more cost-effective to extract leaves and organic debris while it’s moderately wet.

Financial Loss from Disregarding OSD Tank Inspections

Purchasing replacement components or entire OSD tanks, as well as unwanted downtime, can significantly impact businesses financially. Whether it’s a small-scale residential-style unit or a manufacturer’s, full-service stormwater system, all commercial detention tanks require intermittent professional inspections.

Besides repair works proving costly, the damage created by a poorly maintained onsite stormwater detention tank can be astronomical should major flooding occur due to deteriorated components.

How Should a Well-Maintained OSD System Function?

A Tank Inspections Sydney by Raven Engineering Group comprehensive detention tank inspection will guarantee your OSD remains functional and at its peak and optimal performance between services.

Extensively inspected onsite detention stormwater tanks can be effectively screened for issues before they develop into major replacement works. This saves owners time, money, and hassle, and may even prevent a dangerous flooding event.

Remember you’re under a legal obligation as a stormwater detention tank owner to be operating an OSD that’s capable of storing storm run-off of up to 100 years ARI. Failing to meet such a requirement, along with others calls for the most stringent of commercial inspections to be conducted every time.

A well-maintained OSD should:

OSD Tanks & Insect Control

Commercial onsite stormwater detention tanks are known to become common breeding grounds for mosquito populations. This means tanks must be designed to work within strict parameters to ensure fast and effective drainage can be made if necessary for decontamination.

Regular detention tank inspections and maintenance help prevent stagnation and reduce the risk of insects, particularly mosquito infestations. A professional maintenance and operations plan should eliminate mosquito breeding, following a Tank Inspections Sydney by Raven Engineering Group expert analysis.

Important to Note – Caution

OSD inspections consist of moderately dangerous problem detection tasks and should never be attempted by any persons other than licensed and experienced professionals.

Neglected stormwater detention tanks can oftentimes accumulate decomposing matter such as decaying pests or other bacterial matter. These can form and emit extremely toxic and potentially deadly gases that are undetectable to an untrained person.

Never try to open or enter a stormwater detention tank under any circumstances. The correct equipment and at least one stand-in observer should always be utilized.

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