GRP Fire Tanks vs. Steel Fire Tanks: A Comparison of Key Features and Benefits

Fire water storage tanks are water storage containers that provide water to firefighting systems such as fire pumps and sprinklers. Places with poor water supply for fire prevention may require a firefighting water tank.

Water tanks for firefighting systems are being utilized in many ways, including supplying fire prevention systems, a source of water for firefighting, creating a fire perimeter for fire departments to fill up trucks, etc. It is also used to provide establishments that might have a fire hazard the direct control of the amount of water needed to make sure a fire can be put out with access to the allocated amount of water resources promptly.

Every fire protection system needs an efficient water supply system that provides the flow for the relevant installation to operate uninterruptedly during the time necessary to contain or extinguish the fire.

There are a lot of water tank materials that are fit for fire suppression, such as steel and GRP water tanks. This article will determine the features and benefits of both water tanks for firefighting systems.

Why Choose GRP Fire Water Tanks for Your Firefighting System?

You might be thinking, why are GRP water tanks the best candidate for a fire suppression system when made mainly of plastic? Generally, GRP or FRP water tanks are the acronyms of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic tanks. They are lightweight, robust, yet workable designs.

GRP water tanks have an advantage over other water tank materials through their high strength, corrosion resistance, less maintenance, the inability for molds, microorganisms, bacteria, fungi, and algae to form, and long service life for fire suppression systems.

GRP fire water tanks are best for storing water for fire suppression sprinklers or supplying extra water for firefighters. They are built to withstand a multitude of climate conditions and extreme weather events. GRP fire water tanks are great for fire suppression systems because a water storage tank should be made of robust material and require minimal maintenance and servicing.

GRP fire tanks usually include do-it-yourself assembly instructions and adhesives for easy on-site installation. GRP fire water tanks are also a great choice for fire suppression because they can be easily fitted to combine fire suppression and drinkable water tanks.

It is important for water tanks intended for fire prevention to be as watertight as possible and has gallons of water ready in case of a fire. You can depend on GRP fire tanks because they can hold up to 250°F or 121°C temporarily without softening. They are also highly resistant to external temperatures and adverse weather, meaning they will not degrade fast over time.

How can Steel Fire Tanks Fit in your Firefighting Mechanisms?

Just like GRP tanks, steel fire tank is also a robust material that can last long and can withstand extreme weather conditions, including strong winds, heavy rains, and many more. Stainless steel tanks are also fire-resistant, which is important in areas vulnerable to wildfires.

Bolted steel tanks and welded steel tanks are well equipped for storing water for fire protection. Usually, bolted and welded steel tanks are utilized for firefighting in distribution centers and large warehouses. The tanks are used to store water used by the fire sprinkler systems when the local water supply is not enough for fire prevention.

Bolted and welded steel tanks are also used for protection against wildfires in remote places such as forests and wildlife areas. Bolted steel storage tanks work well in isolated locations as they need only the least work on site. Also, the necessity for welding and other hot work at the job site is rid of, which is crucial in fire-vulnerable areas.

Steel enamel tanks are another material under steel water storage tanks and may be used as stable storage tanks for sprinklers or fire water distribution system fire tanks. These fire tanks are intended as self-supporting covered above-ground cylindrical tanks.

Steel tanks can be equipped as drinkable and dual-purpose water storage tanks if needed to help balance infrastructure and maintenance costs while keeping firefighting capabilities.

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Having the best water tank for your firefighting services is crucial, and you must ask yourself which is better, FRP or a steel tank. To answer that, you have to consider the tank’s robustness, lightweight, and ability to handle extreme heat.

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