Preventing Fire Tank Failures: Early Warning Signs and What to Do About Them

Like any other equipment, fire tanks can malfunction and fail for varying reasons, and when such happens, it can have catastrophic consequences to both people and properties. But fire tank failure can be prevented if you’re aware of its early warning signs and then take appropriate actions to fix them.

Importance of Maintaining the Integrity of Fire Tanks

Fire tank failures can be very dangerous, even life-threatening, due to the fact that tank failures can give a fire ample opportunity to raze everything in its path and leave destruction and devastation in its wake.

It is essential that the integrity of the fire tanks is well-maintained to keep them at their full firefighting capability, should a fire occur. That way, the spread of fire is prevented and suppressed with minimal to no injuries or damage to properties.

How Serious Are Tank Failures?

As mentioned earlier, a tank failure in a fire water tank greatly affects the capability to prevent and suppress the spread of fire. Without your firefighting mechanisms, you risk your home or your business at the mercy of an uncontrollable fire and burn everything in its path.

There are numerous causes of tank failures, but for the most part, they are the result of tank owners’ complacency and the belief that fire tanks are only important when there are fires nearby.

When fires do not occur regularly, most likely the relevance of fire tanks lessens. However, when a fire does occur, complacent tank owners should not expect for their neglected fire tanks to be able to put out the fire as effectively as they could because they already became faulty fire tanks due to lack of proper maintenance due for them.

Early Warning Signs of Tank Failures

As a tank owner, you will be able to notice early warning signs when you have a faulty fire tank, and it will have its causes. Most of the early warning signs and causes of tank failures are due to or any of the combination of the following:

  • Leaks

Leaks in your fire tank are a sign that you have a fire tank failure. Usually, this happens because of poor maintenance and neglect of a fire tank. You may notice water leaking out from holes and cracks in your fire tank. With a leaking fire tank, expect that it cannot provide enough water to put out fires.

  • Faulty fire prevention systems

Have you ever noticed that your sprinklers do not spew water effectively when doing a fire drill or testing it out? You may have a faulty fire prevention system and it could be due to a fire tank failure. Fire tanks feed your sprinklers with ample amounts of water to put out the fire and when you see that your sprinklers are not that effective, you better have your fire tank and your fire prevention systems inspected.

  • Corrosion

Seeing rust in your fire tank is a sign that your fire tank is experiencing corrosion and is due for maintenance and new tank lining. Corrosion is an ever-present issue with steel fire tanks that must be addressed through good tank maintenance.

  • Overfilling

Overfilling is the act of storing contents in a water tank that is beyond its operational capacity. It might be a trivial matter but each water tank has a limit to the amount of water it can store. Overfilling your fire water tank with too much water will cause pressure and affect your tank’s overall structural integrity. This will result in the walls, vents, or the lid of your tank bursting or breaking due to the storage capacity being reached.

How to Prevent Fire Tank Failures

Preventing a fire tank failure can be easy if you hire a team of fire tank specialists in your area. Ultimately, it boils down to routine fire tank inspections and fire tank cleaning. These give you better chances of stopping them.

1. Regular fire tank inspections

This service is important because they assess the overall structural integrity and water condition in a water storage tank used for firefighting. The main benefit of a fire tank inspection is to help ensure your water-based fire prevention and suppression system operates appropriately in cases of fire and other fortuitous events.

2. Fire tank cleaning

This service goes hand in hand with fire tank inspection because fire tank cleaning addresses and solves the issues found during a fire tank inspection. Depending on the tank design and materials, what the tank is used for, external and internal conditions, and the type of tank maintenance provided to keep each unit free from corrosion and other substances.

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